Último programa (23/02/07)

Ziggy Stardust – Bauhaus
Trash – Suede

Bar Italia – Pulp
The Wonder Of You – Elvis Presley

I Just Get Caught Out – The Go-betweens
Plastic Passion – The Cure

Things Behind The Sun – Nick Drake
Starcleaner – Brian Jonestown Massacre

Down Colourful Hill – Red House Painters

The Killing Moon – Echo & The Bunnymen
Lollita Elle – Jack

Schizophrenia – Sonic Youth
Mistakes – El Inquilino Comunista

Cherry Blossom Girl – Air
So Alive – Love & Rockets

There Is a Light That Never Goes Out – The Smiths


Amigos de Inrocks & Pop,

Rock & Pop decidió prescindir de nuestro simpático programa para este año. Una pena, la verdad, porque nos gustaba la idea de estar en una radio que llega a casi todo el país. Pero así son las cosas en el mainstream: se ve que no hay demasiado lugar para las opciones a lo masivo (ojalá sigan en el aire nuestros primos de Mal Elemento, al menos) Seguramente, este blog ya no existirá, porque con el espacio también perdemos el nombre.

Por ahí en la revista de marzo ya haya novedades sobre nuestro nuevo destino radial, o
más tardar en el número de abril de Los Inrockuptibles. Estamos
charlando con otras emisoras.

El viernes 23 será nuestro último programa.

Estamos tristes, pero enteros.

Y arriba, como dicen los uruguayos.

Inrocks & Pop


Programa del 09/02/07

We Should Never Had Children – Absentee (Schmotime)
The Youngest Was The Most Loved – Morrissey (Ringleader Of The Tormentors)

I’m Stranded – The Saints (I’m Stranded)
Men 2nd – Wire (Chairs Missing)

Hi Mewn Socasau – Euros Child (Chops)
No Cars Go – The Arcade Fire (Neon Bible)

Alala – Cansei de ser sexy (CSS)

Lenguas de fuego en el cielo – Él mató a un policía motorizado (Un millón de euros)
Fin de fiesta – Vale de muñecas (Días de suerte)

Mountain – Gravenhurst (Internal Travels)
The Brussels Rambleer – James Yorkston (The Year Of The Leopard)

Drunken Mosquito – Bigott (That Sentimental Sandwich)
Our Lady Of Solitude – Leonard Cohen (Recent Songs)

Night – Bill Callahan (Woke On The Whaleheart)
Cape Canaveral – American Music Club (San Francisco)

Tell Me Now – Holly Golightly (Broken Flowers Soundtrack)
Homero – Viejas Locas (Especial)

Whole Wide World – Wreckless Eric (Stranger Than Fiction Soundtrack)
Do Something To Me – Tommy James & The Shondells (Crimson & Clover)

Something Great – LCD Soundsystem (Sound Of Silver)


Programa del 02/02/07

Arrest Yourself – Hot Chip (The Warning)

Whites Only Party – The Dears (Gang Of Losers)
Back To The Life – Spoon (Kill The Moonlight)

It Doesn’t Matter – Depeche Mode (Some Great Reward)

2HB – Roxy Music (Roxy Music)
Satellite of Love – Lou Reed (Transformer)

Todo puede ser – Fantasma #3 (Los amores ridículos)
Ángela – Sr. Chinarro (El mundo según)

California Blue – Roy Orbison (Mistery Girl)
Some Dusty Things – Ron Sexmith (Time Being)

Brightblack Morning Light - Everybody Daylight (Brightblack Morning Light)
Anyway That You Want Me – Spiritualized (Complete Works)

Questioningly – Ramones (Road To Ruin)


Programa del 26/01/07

Yadnus - !!! (Myth Takes)
Watch The Tapes – LCD Soundsystem (Sound Of Silver)

Hunting For The Witches – Bloc Party (A Weekend In The City)
Raoul – The Automatics (Not Accepted Anywhere)

Song With a Mission – The Sounds (Dying To Say This To You)
Baby Go Round – The Muffs (The Muffs)

History Song – The Good, The Bad And The Queen (Idem)
The Night I Couldn’t Stop Crying – The Devastations (Coal)

Marble House – The Knife (Silent Shout)
E Eleventh Nuts – Scritti Politti (White Bread Black Beer)

One Hell Of a Party – Air (Pocket Symphonies)
She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore – Jay Jay Johanson (The Long Term Physical Effects Are Not Yet Known)

There Was a Light – Chris Bell (I Am The Cosmos)
I’m Losing You – Dwight Twilley (Sincerely)
Going Down – Lou Reed (Lou Reed)

Before The World Was Made – Carla Bruni (No Promises)
Driving – Sybille Baier (Colour Green)

Big Hole – The Durutti Column (Keep Breathing)
A Stroll – Tom Verlaine (Songs And Other Sings)


Programa del 29/12/06 – Especial 200 programas

Rain – DJ Muggs (Dust)
Such Great Heights – The Postal Service (Give Up)

City Girl – Kevin Shields (Lost In Translation Soundtrack)
Blackout – British Sea Power (The Decline Of British Sea Power)

Until The Morning Come – Tindersticks (Waiting For The Moon)
Tom The Model – Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man (Out Of Season)

Dry Your Eyes – The Streets (A Grand Don’t Came For Free)
Us – Regina Spektor (Soviet Kischt)

Let Me Kiss You – Morrissey (You Are The Quarry)
Notorious Lightning – Destroyer (Your Blues)

Cherry Blossom Girl – Air (Talkie Walkie)
Rebelion (Lies) – The Arcade Fire (Funeral)

No volvimos a vernos – Leo García (Cuarto creciente)
Hard To Beat – Hard-Fi (Stars Of CCTV)

Home – Lou Barlow (Emoh)
El rayo verde – Sr. Chinarro (El fuego amigo)

When The Come – Devendra Banhart (Cripple Crow)
Fistfull Of Love – Antony & The Johnsons (I Am a Bird Now)


Especial Inrocks & Pop 200

Hoy a la medianoche repasamos las mejores canciones que pasaron por Inrocks & Pop a lo largo de estos 200 programas. Lo mejor del 03, 04 y 05 según el gusto, el criterio y el capricho de los conductores. (Lo que nos dejó este 06 será desmenuzado minuciosamente cada viernes de enero.)

Además, elegimos al ganador del combo con los 5 DVD!!!